Forget what you read on Facebook and other books how easy it is to make money.  The truth is that making money is never easy at all. Many people will tell you it’s easy to start your business and go into digital marketing…but they wouldn’t tell you it takes years. If you are a type that like to BLOW WITHIN 3 YEARS, this discussion may not benefit you. Money comes not because of what you do, but because of who you have become.

It does not matter the career, anyone who builds his value and gains financial intelligence becomes rich. The era of telling people to stop work and become self employed if one wants to be rich is gone. People pay you for your competence and value they see in you.

People pay you for your competence and value they see in you

Today I met a business analyst whose monthly pay is 18million naira…but he also own a business employing 8 persons. So the truth is to tell yourself  especially if you are not from a rich home that the journey will not be easy. Shortcut is never an alternative because money doesn’t stay with men who are not teachable or forward looking. Being rich is a combination of a lot of skills and competence (I did not say talent because talent cannot give one money until its converted to skill). The skills include discovering opportunities,  building your networth (not network), persistence on singular purpose,  and understanding the language of money making.

Since the babylonians era, the beginning,  the formula for making money hasn’t changed. Its simple: REDUCE YOUR EXPENDITURE, INCREASE YOUR INCOME. Most discussions on money making simply expands this formula. There is also no straight route to it. Some arrive there using career, others using skills, others using network,  others using political and religious platforms,  others using marriage platform,  others using relocation and career change platform.

You must be a joker if you think you must establish a business before you make money. A woman became rich by investing in TBs for over 20 years she worked in public service. So money has a language and you must understand it if money will obey you. How do you feel when you see numbers, accounting,  financial analysis,  marketing and financial report?. Its difficult for someone who hates numbers and analysis to be rich. When you understand words like cashflow, negotiation,  leadership, investing, budgeting and crowdfunding,  then you on the track.

Every rich man understands that cashflow is everything.  You grow financially when the money coming in is higher than the money going out. You grow richer when the speed at which money comes in is more than the speed at which it goes out. You become wealthy when you have different sources and grandchildren of cash flows that comes in even when you are not working. The starting point is to deal with bad money habits in you. Deal with waste and spending on frivolities. Become disciplined and reduce your expenses. Then begin to work on increasing your income.

By increasing your skills, changing the market you serve, changing location, moving to different sector, increasing your contacts and reputation and becoming BUSY. Money is a seed…so invest it, dont spend it. People remain in poverty because they are either too greedy or too fearful. It’s your habits that determines your wealth, not just the knowledge. I will advise you to pay attention to the following habits:

1. Look out for good loans. Its difficult to get rich with your own money.  Once you find good investment ….fund it

 2. Dont marry or keep a liability. Nothing drains financial hope than having a liability with sense of entitlement

 3. Look out and maximize first mover advantage. Most times, if you are not among the first to initiate or commercialize a concept or business,  your chances of getting the money is fewer. Be among the first to move in. Be a pathfinder

 4. Open yourself to knowledge so that you can have options. Build competence in area of high demand.

In conclusion, focus on hardwork. Dont believe every motivational quotes. Find your own niche and network. Look out for opportunitie.s and stay in environment of growth. Once you build your value, your wealth will increase.


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