Talent is the natural ability in us, the natural skill. So having multiple talent means having two or more of the natural ability in you. You may have a wonderful talent but still die poor.

So how do you bless the world with this talent that you have

 1.You must discover the talent within you: Whatever you can’t discover , you can’t recover. The beginning of greatness start with self discovery. The richest man on earth is the man who know his talent and maximize it. Do you know what you are made off ? It is already in you

2.Have a clear vision: Where there is no vision , the people perish. The poorest man in the world is a man without vision. So get a vision

Setting goals without a clear vision is like pouring water on a stone. Vision will save you more time and money

3. Plan

 Don’t live your life on chance. If you fail to plan , know that you have plan to fail. Plan everything concerning your life, The food you eat, The money you spend, The clothes you wear etc.

 4. Start one thing at a time

Don’t be jack of all trade at a time. Take a step at a time, don’t be so busy with your life doing nothing

Sometime last year, i was very occupied

That i don’t have time for myself

As me, i was very busy doing nothing

Because i want to do every thing at a time

 5. Have a personal jornal or diary

It is in writing that an idea becomes a business

Talent becomes a skill

6.Set priority

Priority is the key to effective decision making

Yes and no are the most powerful words you will ever say

Your greatest challenge is not in choosing between good or bad  but between good and best 7.Recognize peoples influence

When you begin to act on your vision

 It will stir up both those who want to help you and those who want to hinder you.

In conclusion, been multitalented has it’s advantage and it is wise to maximize those benefit

It is important that you do not allow your gifts to become a curse.

Don’t allow multiple talents to become detrimental to your goals and your vision.


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