In your journey to your financial freedom, three things are involved




A lot of people are poor today not because they don’t have what it takes to be wealthy but because their mindset is shallow

Dear friends you can’t go/grow beyond your mindset, your believe Mindset is internal and internal controls the external. Jesus said that many Jews could not receive healing because they don’t believe. No body sees your believe because it’s in your mind but your attitude will speak your believe*

How can you desire to be financially free but your attitude is that of hundred naira?

*You said you hate poverty but if you are asked to do what the rich did to become rich in your mind you have concluded to remain where you are instead of going through such

Then how do you think you will ever come out of poverty?* *There is what we call law of modeling

If B can do what A did exactly the way A did it,they will have the same result

Journey to financial freedom requires a lot of process

Until you consciously follow that process you will never be financially free

it’s not a magic

It’s simply a process

Your most desire should be to find out how to begin the process

Nothing comes out useful without process

The food we  eat go through the process of cooking with fire

Even the raw food went through the process of farming Name it

What we lack in life is not Money

What we lack is the right information and the eagerness to put them in practice

The question remains, “How do i start?”

Until you get up from your comfort zone and start pushing for the best you will remain a mourmorer because you will be mourmoring against those who have made it

Dear friends I want to provoke your spirit to stand up from where you are thinking you have arrived

I want to provoke your inner mind to make yourself uncomfortable until you become an answer to your generation

Are you satisfied financially?* *If you are please this write up is not for you

Do you have emergency funds? If anything you didn’t plan for happens now, will you be happy that the money is there to handle it? or are you going to begin to cry and looking for one uncle that will abandon his own challenge to face yours?

Most of us have lay curses/abuses/insults on our uncles and brothers just because they didn’t help us to become rich

The uncle you are talking about have his own challenge to treat

Hear me sir

You are to be a solution to people and not a problem

There are so many problems to solve and you added yourself

If you are still depending on someone you are one of the problem we have in Nigeria

If you are still waiting for the government to do something before you become a better person,you are one of the problem Nigeria is struggling to solve

What will make you great and become a solution to your generation is inside you

Find it and use the complaining energy to build it up and start deploying it and become a solution

The Bible says that the world awaits the manifestations of the sons and daughters of God

Friends where are you now? Change your mindset today

Think positive and act positive

If you want to be financially free you must be ready to pay the price

Jesus became the king of all because of the price he paid

You don’t answer major general in your house without having fought battles upon battles

If you can’t invest in yourself forget it you can never become financially free.


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