Everyone has all these zones within him/her always.  It depends on the zone you spend more time and resources on. Your mindset and spending reveals the zone you operate from. For example, comfort zone discuss people, fear zone discuss problems, learning zone discuss skills and knowledge while growth zone discuss opportunities. People in comfort zone spend money to maintain status, people in fear zone spend money to fight off fear, people in learning zone spend money to belong while people in growth zone spend money to open opportunities. I want to analyse some issues within the zones.

Comfort and fear zones are lower zones while learning and growth zones are higher zones. Value can be created in all the zones but it’s only from growth zone that market begins to pay for the value created. Even when you are in growth zone, there is always a gravitational force pulling you down to lower zones. Unless you can take risk, you cannot move from one zone to another. The hardest zone to breakaway from is comfort zone. This is because it involves changing a whole life. It’s also difficult because the destination is not known. Moving out of comfort zone is like jumping out of 30 storey building. People in comfort zone want to wear the personality of achievers and they depend so much on people.

To break out this zone, simply grow in faith to be able to leap in the dark. Then break your routine. Reading motivational books is important for people in lower zones but for people in higher zone, what they need is HOW TO BOOKS.

Fear zone is not really a significant zone. This is because some people who are motivated enough jump from comfort zone to learning zone. To break out of fear zone, become resilient and gather momentum. You need both internal and external motivation here. That is why change of environment,  fellowship, group, friends, location is important at that stage. 

Learning zone is very critical because it determines how well you can perform at growth zone and achievement zone. It is also a zone that can trap people for life if you are not careful. Some people spend 20years in learning thinking it will change them but nothing changes.

This is because dealing with problems does not grow you. It is setting objectives and executing plans that grow you have you seen intelligent people who only read and speak but no action? They are trapped in this zone. It’s a terrible zone because people here overestimate themselves.

I want you to know the biggest problem of educated and intelligent people is that they overestimate their abilities. Another challenge they have is also waiting for the right time. Any sincere person that’s brilliant will tell you that his life changed when he realized that he knows nothing. If you want to move out of learning zone, learn to take action. Life is not a lifelong learning as many people believe. If you want to grow, you must change from perceptive learning to experiential learning. There are things you cannot learn until you begin to practise.

Skill and knowledge do not make much difference except the person takes action. Let me tell you sir. You have learnt enough. Go out and take action.

Three activities that take you out of learning zone are

1. Action

2. Networking

3. Planning

If you check the diagram, the growth zone is the biggest zone, encompassing other zones. In the growth zone, the personality of the horse you saw in comfort zone brightens. Growth zone is where you plant seeds and wait for harvest. It’s a place of brainstorming.  You require extra push to be on this zone because its driven by purpose and direction. It’s a place to build networks; you must not wait for the person to come to you. Go out and befriend the person. One mistake in growth zone is that it can become comfort zone if one is relaxed or not careful. So the question is. Which zone do you spend much time in?

Each zone has different colour showing that they are different environments, different attitude and different groupings. To grow easily, befriend people in higher zones. In lower zones, people argue alot and WORDS are super. In higher zones, its ACTION.  People in lower zones ask for easier,  simpler approach. Higher zones thrive in complexity. Lower zones post even their plans on Facebook.  Higher zones keep their achievements secrets until its tested. Benny Hinn in his recent confession said. God does not promise everyone wealth, he only promised everyone blessing. So focus on blessings and not wholly on wealth

In conclusion,  pause and think.  If you continue your present routine,  where will you be in the next 10 years?. Some sacrifice is necessary for you to move on. Do not be too comfortable. Push forward and listen to new ideas. You can only know how short you are, when you get close to giants.


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