Reality only respond to the decision of the mind. If you say that something is possible, YOU ARE RIGHT. If you say it is not possible, YOU ARE ALSO RIGHT. Your thoughts will always create your reality.

Pat Azubuike

Reality will always move to the direction of your predominant thought which is the decision of your mind. By the reason of our up bringing and even the situation of things around us, we are already wire to think in the negative, expect failure, expect negative results…

I was having an online sales training for a group about 2 weeks ago and tables a truth but somebody immediately said that it’s not possible. I had to immediately stop to address that because that is limiting belief.

Due to our upbringing there are negative and limiting beliefs we grew up with and these beliefs react very fast even before we can reason.

Friends, we need to question some of our beliefs. Yea that’s the truth. We need to question some beliefs we grew up with.

What you mind beliefs determines your REACTION, your reaction determine your #REALITY.  When you say that something is IMPOSSIBLE, your mind just like when you stops a search, stops searching for solution.

When you say that something is POSSIBLE, your mind will begin to ask quality questions and just like the internet BEGIN TO SEARCH FOR SOLUTION. The mind will ask question like  HOW?

When you ask quality questions, You will begin to get quality answers.

My staff always wonder how we create magic but I have always told her ALL



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