We all hope for a great future. But it’s important to note that the future does not design itself. Rather, our actions and inactions today shape the future.

Dr. KC Onyima

We may be waiting for one big opportunity to occur and transform our lives; In real life, it rarely occur. What brings success stem from normal course of actions such as friendly discussions,  usual emails,  friendly chat and ideas from known acquaintances

The big mountain you see facing you, limiting you from moving to the brighter side of your life is simply but heaps of ignorance.  A lot will change in your life if you work on your assumptions,  on your information channel and on how you interpret live events

Dr. KC Onyima

What it means is that your values and your assumptions about life shape the way we relate to people and solve problems

Try and read a book called BUYING THE FUTURE. The book talks about different live assumptions which guide many of us

One striking thing about this assumptions is that you may even be aware of them but they influence 90% of how you make decisions and act.

For example,  some people have the opinion that one event is all they need to get transformed. Others belief that there is one person out there that once they meet, life will become better. Others have what we call DESTINATION DISEASE which says that things would have been better if one can be in a different place

It is not about being educated or rich. People have innate assumptions about life. For example, some men sees marriage as winning a trophy and keeping the trophy in your home.

We call such men hunter husbands because they are threatened by women of vision. So they prefer to cage the woman in the name of submission

So today, I will be explaining three forms of Assumption that underpin our life decisions:

1. Hunter mentality

2. Farmer (nurturer) mentality

3. Trapper mentality

explaining three forms of Assumption that underpin our life decisions

People exhibit this mentality whether in business, in investment, in relationships,  in politics, in church etc

1. Hunter:

A hunter is a smart, talented and ambitious person who sees life as an event and opportunity as what happens once in a while. Because of such mentality,  they tend to act like opportunists. Always waiting for opportunity to grab

The life of Esau exemplifies a hunter.  He lives by his sweat and care less about tomorrow.  To them, life is all about result you produce and not about the process.

Life for them is about survival and they have scarcity mentality. This means that they feel that life is either you win or you loose and they do everything to win including trampling on relationships

They are driven by two emotions: greed and fear and as a result, they are impulsive decision maker

When you see a man who invest in Ponzi schemes because he wants his money to double and even hide the information from others, a student who refuses to help others so that he will take first position, a politician who backstab friends for political gain, they are hunters. They can lie to a customer and dupe him without considering the consequences because for them, life is all about making use of every opportunity we have.

As pastors, they can hack into a church or group and lure away members. They like shortcut; they do not care much about how their activities hurt others.

They feel entitled to most things and care less about what their words or actions cause

They tend to be domineering and always find ways of outsmarting you. They rarely get into what would not benefit them. They can cut short a relationship because of a promise made without blinking an eye. Some will even blame you for not being reasonable and understanding

Life for them is about “battle” and they fight imaginary enemies. When you see people behaving like that, it’s not because they hate you or not born again. It’s simple because of how they see the world

2. Nurturer.

Farmers are people who belief in fertilizing and growing what they presently have and grow them for the future. Whereas hunters will jump from one person to another, always looking for new contacts.  Nurturers will stick with old friends and dig deeper with them

Nurturers see life as a process and enjoy every stage instead of waiting till the end. They think of tomorrow more than they think of today

Example is biblical Jacob. Whereas Hunters has no business with seeds, nurturers like seeds and see them as treasured possession.

They believe in abundance mentality meaning that they prefer a win win situation. They are driven by maternal instinct of growth and experience.  They move from one stage of something to another, maximizing the present to reach the next level

One striking difference between these group is that whereas hunters will jump from one business to another, one friendship to another, one party to another, one location to another. The nurturer rarely jump out of where they are until its proven that it’s no longer working or they are pushed away by circumstances

I am not arguing that nurturers are better than hunters.  This is because there are situations where hunters perform better than nurturers.

For example, we need to have hunters mentality when we are facing opportunities that comes once in a life time. But if it is about what we need all the time, being a hunter will starve you.

Jumping from opportunity to opportunity means you are always a starter. Whether we accept it or not, there is importance of depth in anything we do

Most great projects require time and nurturing to grow. So we need to give time for germination, for growing,  for maturing before we call what we are doing a failed project

3. Trapper

A trapper is a nurturer who has grown in experience that he has become a resource where people come to tap.

A trapper has built a reputation of excellence and have developed tools and symbols that made people refer to him as builder. He does not go to people or go to opportunities rather, those things come to him.

In conclusion,  hunting is easier to start and more shorty but can wear out easily.  Trappers take time but it’s most rewarding.

Beware of things that glitter at first sight because things that last are born of conviction, not attraction.  Most blessings in life can only be seen when you have spent time in nurturing.  A man that is consistent in nurturing his ambition grows more than one who jumps at every opportunity he sees. In a world of fast food, fast internet, and short cut, patience is still a virtue.  Aspire to be a nurturer,  multiply what you are given and soon their grandchildren will make you wealthy.

Dr. K.C Onyima

Founder & facilitator of Wealthhabit.com/author of many books


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